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General notes

This page contains some programs written by author for the operating systems
like MS-DOS, Microsoft Windows, FreeBSD, Linux and other systems.
These programs are distributed under GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE or
GNU LIBRARY GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE if distribution conditions are missing.
You can email to,,, for some questions, advices and maybe help about these programs.
Please don't expect any support for all programs, at first, for the old DOS stuff.
Checksums for all archives are contained in MD5SUMS and SHA1SUMS.
Of course, all software is provided on the well-known basis AS IS.

Operating systems sources and binaries

MS-DOS: source code and binaries

     x86 assembly language sources      C/C++ language sources      Pascal language sources      Pascal language sources (DSUTIL21.ZIP)

MS-DOS: binaries only

Microsoft Windows: source code and binaries

    C/C++/C# language sources

Microsoft Windows: binaries only

Multi-platform code: sources and binaries

    C/C++/C#/D/Go/Rust/Java/Nim/Python/Fortran/Racket language sources

Unix: source code

    Unix shell sources

Emulators of soviet computers (EVM) 1950-1960 years

    Project general papers [28-Feb-2015]

WinTeon project history (viruses and antiviruses)

    Project history, historic articles

Links to my other projects

    My other projects and sources
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